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Hennessy Black at Planet Hollywood


Best advice I can give on blind networking attempts. Get a drink and hang by the door so you can see who comes in. Be mindful of whats going on and wear a conversation piece. It helps get you photographed, when you stand out from the crowd.

Gallery in Planet Hollywood with Hennessy Black


On Tuesday in Las Vegas, Tva Parks and I went out to Gallery Night Club to pop open some Hennessy Black.  As it happens I already knew the people we went to go party with.  Jey Hall works on music with Veto aka Dr. Dre’s engineer.  The world really is just to small.  Any how look for more to come with this group we have big plans in the works.  Comment on you thoughts on Hennessy Black.  I don’t even drink but this stuff is great.

Getting our bottle service right

Tva Parks and Jey Hall

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Sundance Film Festival 2011


Egyptian at Sundance Film Festival


The “Ullins” road tripped to Park City, Utah. We left on our journey to Sundance the night of the 24th. Picked up the rental made cookies and got on the road at midnight.  Arriving in Park City 12 hours later.  Luckily our hotel in north park city was ready for us and we were able to check into our room early.  This worked out great because we had a meeting 20 minutes later.

Our list of meetings ran back to back.  Spent loads of time visiting the different sponsor lounges. We brought back loads of stuff from Sundance and Slamdance.  The Bing lounge was my favorite lounge that didn’t have swag.  They took an empty restaurant and molded it into the Bing lounge for press and drinking purposes at Sundance.  We had a great time at the Kimball for the BMI Snow Ball.  House of Blues set up a temporary Foundation room next to Red Banjo Pizza (our new fav place).  The wheelers played and that’s where James Franco made an appearance in his blond e wig.  The High West Distillery had an amazing ice bar and whiskey chocolate combo plate.  My buddy TJ miller decided to throw himself a dinner party.  So thanks again for dinner:) Jacuzzi time is a very important part of Sundance.  If you ever go be sure to budget ample jacuzzi time.   I highly recommend the Calledonian hotel.  Close to the festival and they have balcony jacuzzi’s.  Count on freezing the whole time you’re there.  It’s a bit uncomfortable an it made me sick the first day.  Trying to be fabulous in the snow is a whole other kind of challenge.  We stayed till the night of the 28th and packed in as much meetings and parties as possible. Drove to Vegas that night to check into the Hard Rock at 4am.  Decent hotel and it was great to not be at 7,000 ft and freezing.

the Ullins at BMI Snow Ball Sundance film festival

L'Oreal Paris Lounge at Sundance FIlm Festival

Waking up in Vegas Doodle- Hard Rock Hotel

The Ullins Hard Rock balcony

Vegas-Round 1


Encore Las Vegas, Surrender Nightclub, Encore Beach Club

So to kick off my summer properly,  I went to Vegas for a weekend to promote the new nightclub and beach club at the Encore hotel.  Mr. Steve Wynn invited a ton of girls to come promote the US Weekly Magazine Hott Bodies Party and of course the Surrender Nightclub and Encore Beach Club.  US weekly magazine had a great gifting suite and massage cabana for all the promotion staff.  They gave me a huge gift bag and I won a really nice bottle of Bobbi Brown beach lotion.

I seriously reccomend the Trump Hotel, its very nice and the rooms are great.  Eating in Vegas is a challenge at best.  Try to plan where youre going to eat before you go.

Encore Bach Club Las Vegas

chantel marie at surrender night club encore las vegas

chantel marie at surrender night club las vegas

rachel mullins and chantel marie

as vegas goes i dont remember these people

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Cannes Film Festival


Le Palais Du Festival

Cannes Film Festival Palace

Crossing one more thing off my bucket list this year by hitting the Cannes Film Festival.  Cannes holds the most prestigious film festival of the year and all of the entertainment industry moves with it.  A week and a half of non stop films, parties, and more parties.  I’m not even sure how many days I spent there because it all ran together because I may have slept about 6 hours the whole trip.  French people are serious about three things smoking, fashion and parties.  All of which are included in the festival in Cannes.

After my 18 hour flight to Nice, I got on the bus to Cannes.  The Bus drops you off right at the Palais in the thick of everything.  I found this quite a tease because I had to go back to my hotel and drop off my load of luggage before I could come back to the festival.  I couldn’t risk any of my luggage getting lost because I had so many events to hit while I was there so my carry on bags were bursting at the seems.

It took what seemed like an eternity to find a cab to my hotel.  I almost cried, it was that bad.  Sharpening my “Franglais” My friend Angela Cullins had already checked into the day before.  True to French form the bathroom was flooded and leaked into the hallway.  I slipped and landed on the floor and my luggage then burst as I expected.  Again I almost cried.  Angelas film in which she Co – Starred opposite Cory Haim was set to Premiere at the festival in and hour and a half and I was laying on the floor in a pool of water and a plethora of Gucci belts, Prada shoes and cocktail dresses.  I quickly showered and put my game face on.  I found half a croissant in the refrigerator and took it with me.  When I got to the Palais it was a mess and jumping with people.  Dinner was Escargot and that’s about all I remember.

Beach Pavilions behind Le Palais

No matter what country I’m in I wake up at 830am.  I got my outfit together and did my hair.  Took myself to the supermarket down the street for my favorite french hairspray and tanning oil.  I also bought orangina, and fruit and vegetables.  The hotel had a shuttle that runs to the festival and back every half hour.  Le Croisette is a huge boulevard that runs forever along the water by the festival.  All of life in Cannes is centered around it.  I had to go shopping some more and find a place to exchange more money.  The Euro is supposed to be getting weaker against the dollar but I wasn’t feeling it this trip.  Euro doesn’t even feel like money.  I like the American green much more.  As I was passing the film office outside the marina and Angela found me on the street in passing by.  We went to get our passes for the day at the office.  We had tickets for a Canadian Film, My Name is Sandy.  This little film struck a cord with me.  It was about a French street hooker living in NYC.  It was supposed to be a very serious dramatic film but I thought it was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time.  There were stabs at the New York senators and racial profiling that made me nearly fall out of my chair.  It actually inspired me to make a short about all types of hoes.  The people who made it were very talented students and I was very impressed by the sound track.

After changing after lunch we headed back to the parties for the evening.  When in Cannes there is a certain flow of daily and nightly activities.  The morning you get your Cannes Market News to see whats playing and who is around.  Step two get your day look together and find your way to the Palais.  Step three, start drinking.  Usually champagne because there is TONS of it flowing from everything.  If you’re going to see a movie or not,  hit the Pavilions situated around the marina and water.  You have to have a Festival pass so it’s not just anybody strolling through.  Every country and other major companies(like Kodak ect.) have a pavilion with drinks and Internet cafes and info on the films from that country that are showing.  The American Pavilion even had a lecture hall with guest speakers.  Some have full bars and restaurants others are a little less equipped.

The Chile Pavilion seemed to be the destination for happy hour or the Producers tent was another great place to meet people.  After happy hour everybody disperses for dinner then after dinner its party time till whenever you fall over board or wander home.  Yacht parties in Cannes are like nothing you have ever seen.  60 and 75 foot yachts look like bath toys.  Essentially if your yacht isn’t at least 150 feet, don’t even get in the water.  Dolce an Gabbana had their yacht the Regina D’Italia there.  The Chopard Party was hosted on Xanadu.

To be continued…..Yacht Party at the Cannes Film Festival 2010

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Protected: Press Release- Cannes Film Festival


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Springing Up


I’m in Tokyo again, but I will be back in LA on the 15th.  I have been meaning to write a post on my outlook for the spring quarter but between being sworn to secrecy and just not wanting to Jinx myself it hasn’t happened yet.  I have about 7 films on my plate.  In addition to that big box of scripts that need financing..   I have met lots of cool new friends over the award show season and have made a resolution to be more social than I was before.  Expect more shopping related things as the shopping page is still under construction.  LA fashion starts March 17th.  I have my list for all of the parties and events.  I have a few new project ideas that I’m trying to get inspiration from fashion week on.

RachelMullins.com will be getting a little face lift soon if you have yet to visit the portfolio page it looks a little different. Before leaving for Japan I worked and a couple cool projects.  I worked on a friends movie called A Girl Walks Into A Bar with Emmanuelle Chirqui and Zachary Quinto.  I had a good time working on this film because the story was so crazy and the cast and crew were all loads of fun.  A partially nude game of ping pong with a room full of people you have never met was a good time.  My homie Adam Rifkin introduced me to the director Sebastian Guitteriez.    Unfortunately I missed a 3 day booking on NCIS because everybody feels the need for me to work when I’m out of the country.

I’m super excited for my upcoming travel plans.  Hawaii again but this time Maui then Greece to shoot with all of the sexy people and of course my life dream the Canne Film Festival in France.  I have been wanting to go to Canne for years and it’s been a dream of mine for a while.  Overall I’m very excieted about where things are headed and I already have so much to do.  I’m happy to have things moving in my preferred direction.  After sorting out some agent issues,  there may be even more on my plate soon.

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Working in Milan


While sadly missing the Grammy Awards in LA on the 31st I was on a very long stupid flight to Milan.  After, the wonderful Delta airlines lost a carry on bag. that had all of my coats in it.  I arrived in freezing Milan. I have not seen snow in nearly 2 years, it’s kind of  scary.

I had a couple photo shoots and meeting between Milan and Rome.  Italians are fairly easy to work with however flaky at times.  I had a bit of a language barrier as I don’t speak a word of Italian but I can read it for some reason.  It was a bit to cold to shoot outdoors in Italy.  My indoor shots were a great a experience as I don’t have to freeze and work at the same time.  Returning in warmer months is a possibility.  I met some cool people and Italian fashion is great, after all they did give us Dolce and Gabanna and Gucci.

Legnano Pagoda Hotel Italy

Legnano Pagoda Hotel Milan, Italy

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Another Week in Tokyo, Japan

Mt. Fuji Safari Park

Mt. Fuji Safari Park

After learning how to get around Tokyo better I was able to see more of the country.  Yesterday I went to Mt. Fuji and went to the Safari Park there.  I have never been to a drive through Zoo.  The Animals get very close or they are super lazy.  This park had the highest quantity per species that I have ever seen.  Except they only had two elephants.  This place is way out in the boobies on a mountain.  Mt Fuji even has log cabin homes, funny right???   It was a 3 hour drive but it was nice to see the more rural parts of Japan like the rice patties and other types of farms.  Starbucks and 7 eleven are even in the farm parts of Japan for a reality check.  Next time I’m here I’ll be going to Kyoto for a day trip.

Lions at Mt. Fuji Safari Park

Lions at Mt. Fuji Safari Park

Love love love being a model, it’s my dream job. I went to modeling school in Detroit when I was 12 years old. I work full time as a model,  trying to fit in as many projects as possible.   Always  working on something  everyday.  There are loads of different clients and industry professionals I’ve worked with all over the world..  Designers are some of my most favorite people in the world.  There is nothing that makes me happier than a designer that’s happy with their clothes on me.

rachel mullins nude not availableI have fun with everything I do.  Spending time working in T.V. and film as well.  I have worked with CBS, National Lampoons, MTV, WE women’s entertainment and lots of film.  Publications are what I strive for.  Nothing like the smell of a new tear-sheet.  Back when I was 12 just starting out I never thought I would have gotten to do the things I have like shooting in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris or living in LA.

Beautiful Rachel Ann Mullins

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