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Jimmy Kimmel Live


Last week my good friend Eddie Barojas called to ask me to do a belly flop on the Jimmy Kimmel show which thank god is not actually live.  At first I wasn’t very into the idea because drawing attention to my belly on national tv didn’t sound flattering.  However, my love of days that make for good stories IE blogging material; worked on overcoming my belly flopping fears.

We were supposed to be there at 6 for paper work and jumping by 7.  The jumping by 7 didn’t go as planned.  There were at least 14 people that they were going to have jump.  Which didn’t happen there were 6 at best. Of course Edddie won and was dubbed the “Micheal Jordan of belly flopping” by Jimmy Kimmel.  His trophy that Kara Dioguardi gave him for his high score for 26 belly flopping points was amazing.  Eddie had no idea who she was.    After a few test runs of standing on the platform that was very high off the pool and not jumping they finally told me to jump.  What you didn’t see was that the pool was only 4 feet deep with a 5 foot drop.  If you did anything but belly flop you would hit the bottom of the pool and maybe hurt yourself.  For future reference belly flopping hurts your nose the most.  My sinuses were unhappy for almost 2 days.  There really is no graceful recovery from a belly flop you’re just forced to own the flop.  My boob did jump out of my suit in case anybody wanted to know.  All in all good experience one of those things I did for the sake of being adventurous.

Rachel Mullins and Eddie Barojas at Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Hennessy Black at Planet Hollywood


Best advice I can give on blind networking attempts. Get a drink and hang by the door so you can see who comes in. Be mindful of whats going on and wear a conversation piece. It helps get you photographed, when you stand out from the crowd.

Gallery in Planet Hollywood with Hennessy Black


On Tuesday in Las Vegas, Tva Parks and I went out to Gallery Night Club to pop open some Hennessy Black.  As it happens I already knew the people we went to go party with.  Jey Hall works on music with Veto aka Dr. Dre’s engineer.  The world really is just to small.  Any how look for more to come with this group we have big plans in the works.  Comment on you thoughts on Hennessy Black.  I don’t even drink but this stuff is great.

Getting our bottle service right

Tva Parks and Jey Hall

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It’s NOT March It’s Stomp


It’s the hap happiest season of ALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Yes it’s here again LA fashion week. It may be small but mighty. I’m walking in a couple shows and I will be attending a few events. I’m so exited I can hardly sit.  In addition to LA fashion week it’s also the Paley TV fest.  If you dont know what it is google it.  I have tickets to the Freaks and Geeks screening the 14th.  How wonderful it is. Stay reading for more photos and videos from LA fashion week.

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Sundance Film Festival 2011


Egyptian at Sundance Film Festival


The “Ullins” road tripped to Park City, Utah. We left on our journey to Sundance the night of the 24th. Picked up the rental made cookies and got on the road at midnight.  Arriving in Park City 12 hours later.  Luckily our hotel in north park city was ready for us and we were able to check into our room early.  This worked out great because we had a meeting 20 minutes later.

Our list of meetings ran back to back.  Spent loads of time visiting the different sponsor lounges. We brought back loads of stuff from Sundance and Slamdance.  The Bing lounge was my favorite lounge that didn’t have swag.  They took an empty restaurant and molded it into the Bing lounge for press and drinking purposes at Sundance.  We had a great time at the Kimball for the BMI Snow Ball.  House of Blues set up a temporary Foundation room next to Red Banjo Pizza (our new fav place).  The wheelers played and that’s where James Franco made an appearance in his blond e wig.  The High West Distillery had an amazing ice bar and whiskey chocolate combo plate.  My buddy TJ miller decided to throw himself a dinner party.  So thanks again for dinner:) Jacuzzi time is a very important part of Sundance.  If you ever go be sure to budget ample jacuzzi time.   I highly recommend the Calledonian hotel.  Close to the festival and they have balcony jacuzzi’s.  Count on freezing the whole time you’re there.  It’s a bit uncomfortable an it made me sick the first day.  Trying to be fabulous in the snow is a whole other kind of challenge.  We stayed till the night of the 28th and packed in as much meetings and parties as possible. Drove to Vegas that night to check into the Hard Rock at 4am.  Decent hotel and it was great to not be at 7,000 ft and freezing.

the Ullins at BMI Snow Ball Sundance film festival

L'Oreal Paris Lounge at Sundance FIlm Festival

Waking up in Vegas Doodle- Hard Rock Hotel

The Ullins Hard Rock balcony

Yogi Bear Party To The Hotel Lobby To The After Party


Rachel Mullins steels a banana from TJ Millers Pick a nic basket st the Yogi Bear Party

Yogi Bear stars TJ Miller and Anna Faris with Host Norton Morris at

Last weekend Tj Miller held a little soiree for the opening of his new movie Yogi Bear.  Started at the top of the Sunset Vine Tower, the tallest building in Hollywood.  For 40 of his closest friends like his co star Anna Faris and fellow comedian Nick Swardson.  A very private party with the rocking DJ, Sara and Tara.  This was the Pregame.  The night ended or so I think at a private balcony inside club Avalon.  I had a great time and I hope everybody else did too.  See Tj Miller and Anna Faris in Yogi Bear out Dec 17th.

Nick Swardson at TJ Millers Yogi Bear Party

Photos by Chris Shaw

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Simply Stylist LA Fashion Week


Simply Stylist is put on by Caro Marketing.  They merge fashionable people and stylist.  The main goal of  Simply Stylist is to match new and amazing clothes with stylists around LA.  There were 3 stylist who spoke and they were all great.  They told their stories and gave advice to new and upcoming stylists.  Barefoot wine and vitawater sponsored the event.  It was a wonderful evening of open speech and Q & A.  Everybody involved were professionals that had great advice and were still very laid back and encouraging.  Luke spoke on his crash course in styling called School of Style.  Even if you don’t live in LA, you can finish all of his classes in a week intensive program.  Monica Rose is a stylist to the Kardashian sisters.  She was very humble and really does love her job.

This is a ticketed event that was held in a new fashion space on La Brea south of 3rd.  I highly recommend going to meet people and see what you can learn.  I woud love for any of these stylist to have my clothes Heart ME on hand for any of their clients.

American Music Awards 2010


Black Eye Peas preformance at 2010 American Music Awards

Diddy and Keri Hilson preforming at American Music Awards 2010

Miley Cyrus forgivness and love merican music awards

I had a great time sitting in the parents section.  Ke$has parents were behind me and Justin Biebers were in front of me. Also Katy Perry’s people next to them.  It was a pretty good show but not Grammy good.  Taylor Swift had snow foam from the ceiling and it was cold.  Even Russel Brand thought so.  I was surprised what a tight ship DC productions runs, much more uptight than any other music show.  Nokia was a great venue, a little large but the backstage was efficient.  The smoke from Katy Perry’s performance was crazy. My favorite was Christina preforming Burlesque. I’m sitting down at the end. 3:56

yes that is me dancing at :37

When they did the balloon drop over the crowd was my favortie part of the night. During a commercial Rihanna came over to give Katy Perry a wedding gift and they got to chatting then Katy tells Rihanna ” bitch I will pull the weave out of your head”, in the most loving way possible.  When they were being reseated Rihanna walked away and Katy grabbed her booty, when Rihanna screamed the whole place went silent.  After the show I talked to Akon about his absence on the KUSH video this week.  Went to get my car and headed to santa monica to the studio.

Black Eye Peas Preforming at the American Music Awards 2010

vintage YSL ear rings, Cathrine Malandrino dress and gucci shoes

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LA Fashion Week


I attended most of LA fashion weekend at Sunset Gower studios.  Friday night I walked in a Halloween costume fashion show for 7til Midnight lingerie.  I wore two, Heidi Ho and a Lady bug.

The Dj of the party afterward was one of the best I have herd in LA, I had a good time shaking m lady bug wings. Always bring proper under garments and be a leader not a follower.  Never drink and Runway.

The next day was the kick off of LA Fashion weekend.  It was a green fashion theme.  I arrived at the tent bright and early.  They had a complimentary bar because all fashionable people drink before noon.  The bartender made Shaun and I a wonderful cucumber thingy, amazingly refreshing.  The morning shows were great, my favorite in fact.  Emily Factor was my favorite all day.

Shaun loved the  Joy Rich Los Angeles, show…….they had great male models.

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BLVD 3 Fashion Event with Runway Magazine

BLVD 3 Fashion Show

BLVD 3 Fashion Show

In lieu of my new relationship with Runway Magazine I attended a Fashion event at Blvd 3 in Hollywood.  It was a rather private event.  One collection showed 9 looks.  The DJ at BLVD 3 was the best I’ve herd in all of LA except I didn’t catch his name.  The after show was the best part.  Immediately fallowing the fashion show 2 cirque de soliel girls were lowered from the ceiling on a steel cube. A very cool performance that made me want to take up acrobatics.

Another great thing about nic parties is the gift bag.  This particular one was the best smelling gift bag I have ever gotten.  Clear Essance Skin Care makes skin care products for women of color.  As I have no color I decided to give the bag to my friend April who will hopefully let me know what she thinks about the products.  Anti Wrinkle cream, bar facial soap, oil blotting sheets, and a skin scrubber.

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Magic Convention Las Vegas


As soon as I got off the plane from Tokyo, I went straight to Magic in Vegas.  Magic is like crack to me.  It’s like they transformed all of Mandalay Bay into a dream closet.  I was so high on clothes I didn’t eat or sleep Tuesday till Saturday!  All of the booths were amazing but a few really stood out to me. Sworovski’s booth was incredibly amazing.  SworovskiEverything thig just sparkeled and was lighted perfectly.    Sean Jean had by far the largest booth that housed all of their lines and they have atleast 5.  The best part about the largest clothing convention in the US is all of the freebies and new things to see.  Women Wear Daily plays a big part in the fashion forecasting from Magic.

The other great part about Magic is the Parties.  My vegas BFF, Tva and I went to the boss lady of Billionaire Mafia clothing line birthday party in top of Mandalay Bay.  Beautiful party and their party at Eve at the Arya hotel was AMAZING!!! The house was packed for Gucci Mane, Lloyd Banks and Tech 9 to preform.  I had an awesome time dancing in the VIP area Billionaire Mafia had sectioned off.

After the close of Magic,  I went to an event for Cj Watson, who recently signed with the Chicago Bulls.  The event went really well and the cake was super cute.  I’ve never really thought about how to make a basketball cake but it was great and tasted good too.

Booths At Magic in Mandalay Bay Las VegasBillionaire Mafia

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Love love love being a model, it’s my dream job. I went to modeling school in Detroit when I was 12 years old. I work full time as a model,  trying to fit in as many projects as possible.   Always  working on something  everyday.  There are loads of different clients and industry professionals I’ve worked with all over the world..  Designers are some of my most favorite people in the world.  There is nothing that makes me happier than a designer that’s happy with their clothes on me.

rachel mullins nude not availableI have fun with everything I do.  Spending time working in T.V. and film as well.  I have worked with CBS, National Lampoons, MTV, WE women’s entertainment and lots of film.  Publications are what I strive for.  Nothing like the smell of a new tear-sheet.  Back when I was 12 just starting out I never thought I would have gotten to do the things I have like shooting in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris or living in LA.

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