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Knowing Your Place-DO YOUR JOB


I’ve always said that a MUA that puts brown eyeshadow on me is my biggest pet peeve, which is true.  However, a person that is incompetent of doing their job or who over steps their bounds is cause for me to come unglued.  The world has a place for everybody and everybody has a place.  Do exactly what is required of you and get the hell out of other people way.  Unfortunately, running into crazy people is inevitable.  Know who you are, what you’re there to do and execute.  When working in a professional environment, being on task is key.  Don’t slack on your duties to interrupt somebody else’s business.  Be concerned with your own responsibilities before you decide to “help” others.  In the event that you have finished your duties ahead, ask if there is anything you can do to help out.

In case you didn’t know telling professionals how to do their job with or with out doing your own is bad form.  Be apart of a team, not apart of the problem.  I may be sounding like a captain obvious here, trust me there are people who can’t even begin to comprehend these major etiquette factors.  Most importantly, don’t inject yourself into anothers creativity or space.  It will not help the end product, which after all is the goal of the day.


1.) be impolite in anyway.  Not introducing or greeting others is a big faux pas

2.) trust that somebody else will clean up after you.  Before, during or after working.

3.) even entertain the idea of alcohol, drugs or even let people see you smoke

4.) most importantly never lose your cool.  Keep it together at all times, DRAMA IS NOT CLASSY.



I just had to out these people.  One of the OLDEST scams there is.

My magazine in recruiting models.Female first Magazine currently wants models for a

new and special edition of the magazine.We saw your profile and pictures while

surfing the Internet, we appreciate them and I would like us to do some works

together.We presently have a good offer for you and we want to know if you are

interested modeling for our company because we need good quality pictures of our

model who will be on the magazine cover of one of next month edition.Please let

us know if you are interested in the job as you stand a chance of making

reasonable $500 from this deal to start,and even a noticeable fame. Let us know

if you are interested in our offer and we would give you further details.

Chloe Obrian

I replied with a note of interest.

Thanks for your swift response,Well the pictures that will be taken will be use for the next edition magazine fashion, The taken pictures will be used for the magazine cover of my client which website is www.femalefirst.co.uk and the pictures will be exhibited on their website and also after the first set of picture sent.Their magazines will be sent to you in order for you to know about the company.Subsequently depending on you, you could be invited over to the company to sign a contract with you.The location of the for the Shot will be somewhere close to where you are located, As for the payment,I will like you to get back to me with your Full Name,Address,City,State,Zip Code and Telephone Number,I will be waiting for you to get back to me with this information because we will still have to make some screening,Please follow all instructions if you want the job granted to you.

Chloe Obrian

I sent my P.O. box address as everybody has it anyway.

How are you doing today? Great I guess! Our Sponsor will be issueing a payment to you for the photo shoot and the payment will be in form of a check or money order.It will include your pay and  the photographer’s traveling expenses. The reason for issueing the payment to you first is that the photographer is presently on an assignment in another Continent and he can’t receive a check payment there.
Once you receive the payment, you are to process it at your bank, deduct your $500 and send the rest of the funds to the photographer through western union or moneygram transfer. The photographer will schedule the shot time and date with you as soon she gets his payment and she would be coming over with her crew of make up artistes. Their  website is still under construction go to http://www.daryl.ukphotographers.com/ and view it yourself.Let me know if this is ok by you and if you understand everything as well.


As you can see in the last email they want me to cash a bad check so I the model can pay everybody… and the photographer and the MUA are all out of the country.  WOW what a great deal for them.

This is an old one and it comes around every so often. beware. I would post the profile picture but they probably stole the image.

Love love love being a model, it’s my dream job. I went to modeling school in Detroit when I was 12 years old. I work full time as a model,  trying to fit in as many projects as possible.   Always  working on something  everyday.  There are loads of different clients and industry professionals I’ve worked with all over the world..  Designers are some of my most favorite people in the world.  There is nothing that makes me happier than a designer that’s happy with their clothes on me.

rachel mullins nude not availableI have fun with everything I do.  Spending time working in T.V. and film as well.  I have worked with CBS, National Lampoons, MTV, WE women’s entertainment and lots of film.  Publications are what I strive for.  Nothing like the smell of a new tear-sheet.  Back when I was 12 just starting out I never thought I would have gotten to do the things I have like shooting in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris or living in LA.

Beautiful Rachel Ann Mullins

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