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How To Get Out Of a Situation


On set professionalism is the number one thing while working.  To ensure you won’t get fired, your agent wont chew you out and maybe you’ll get rehired.  Bottom line be professional and take control of you situation.  In no way am I saying take any kind of shit of unacceptable conditions.  Another top rule, DO NOT cry.  Do not cry at all ever and do not call somebody else to handle your problems.  Handle everything through your agent.  If a situation arises, stepout  make a call and explain your side of the story first before anybody can bash your name.  Even threatening to call your agent during a problem, may even resolve the issue outright.  I worked during a concert once and it went horribly awry and I called told my agent we were leaving due to an unsafe environment and they paid us double.  However, we didn’t work for that client again but I don’t think I would have taken the job if they offered it.  Handle your own business like a big kid and you come out on top.

As a bottom note, if somebody keeps pushing in an unprofessional way and you have already clearly stated your position make it known. “If you push me again I will bust your damn teeth in”.

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Love love love being a model, it’s my dream job. I went to modeling school in Detroit when I was 12 years old. I work full time as a model,  trying to fit in as many projects as possible.   Always  working on something  everyday.  There are loads of different clients and industry professionals I’ve worked with all over the world..  Designers are some of my most favorite people in the world.  There is nothing that makes me happier than a designer that’s happy with their clothes on me.

rachel mullins nude not availableI have fun with everything I do.  Spending time working in T.V. and film as well.  I have worked with CBS, National Lampoons, MTV, WE women’s entertainment and lots of film.  Publications are what I strive for.  Nothing like the smell of a new tear-sheet.  Back when I was 12 just starting out I never thought I would have gotten to do the things I have like shooting in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris or living in LA.

Beautiful Rachel Ann Mullins

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